Look out for us… In Your Neighborhood

by Melanie London It’s been a while since our last post. We’ve been so busy continuing to pivot, adapt, and all those other 2020/early 2021-appropriate words, so that we can keep fulfilling our mission of providing free, clean, quality clothing to those in need. What we of course didn’t anticipate was that the pandemic would shut...
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We’re In This Fight

by Jill Aschkenasy Our country has been in crisis for a while, and I know these thoughts are long overdue, so please excuse the delay, but I wanted to get this right and speak completely from the heart. Here, at Our Closet, we always strive to do better. We aim to be inclusive and fair,...
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Adapting to a New Way of Being

by Melanie London Today is my 14-year wedding anniversary and my two-month quarantine anniversary. Obviously the 14 years have had the hugest impact, but the two-month anniversary? That one’s pretty life-changing as well. For me and for all of us. And for Our Closet, too. What we’re most known for around the city is our...
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Choosing the Right Location

by Jill Aschkenasy Location often makes all the difference for our shoppers. If a person can walk five blocks to our pop-up shop, receive free clothing and still have a whole day to work towards other goals, they are much more likely to avail themselves of our services. If the pop-up shop is too far, requires...
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  by Melanie London Some of us do not do well with uncertainty. And with all that’s happening in the world, all that has happened so quickly, uncertainty is all we have right now. About the future. About the present. We have had to shut down all our pop-up shops. We’ve had to cancel all...
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Proximity Matters

by Jill Aschkenasy Proximity matters. What do I mean by that? I mean that in order to know someone you have to be physically close to them. You need to share space and spend time together to really connect. I didn’t realize how true this was until I saw it manifest in Our Closet. Every...
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The Our Closet Volunteer Experience

by Melanie London There are so many facets to the mission of Our Closet, but one that sometimes gets lost in the big picture of providing clothing with dignity and pride is that Our Closet is almost totally (besides just two full-time staff members and three part-timers) a volunteer-driven organization. There is no way we...
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Origin Story

by Jill Aschkenasy I have always been a fan of new beginnings, and I am definitely feeling that way as we usher in Fall. That’s not to say I always welcome moving on, but it is more that I look forward to improving and creating the “2.0” version of the status quo. Finding that sweet...
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Please join us for our next pop-up shops at Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral, 23 South 38th Street in University City, from 10am-12pm. They will take place on Thursday, May 26, and Thursday, June 30. You must show proof of vaccination at the door in order to enter and shop, and masks must be worn inside. We look forward to seeing you!

If you or a client of yours is in urgent need of clothing, we have an emergency clothing program for which you or the client may qualify. Please contact us at JFCS' Care Navigation line, 866-532-7669, if you are seeking emergency services, and you will be sent a form to fill out. Please remember this program is for emergencies only.

BIG NEWS: Our Closet has been chosen as a finalist for the city’s Community Champions Awards & Grants Challenge. The top vote-getters will receive $20,000 grants! These funds would allow us to reach even more Philadelphians in need, but we need your help. Online voting is from May 18-25, so please register, vote, & share far and wide to help us win: Vote Here!